Social Forestry Internship

Internship Program offered next:
December 2-12, 2023
By application only
Location: Little Applegate, Southern Oregon

In this experiential work opportunity, you will join Hazel at their homestead and social forestry experimental station for 6 days of forestry and natural building using hand tools.  4-6 hour work days will be combined with discussions, group food preparation and camp maintenance. This is a less formal way to interact with the social forestry systems at Wolf Gulch Ranch.

Attendance is by application only. Selected participants will be invited to the annual storytelling event in Ashland on December 3, then move to the forestry camp at Wolf Gulch. There will be a maximum of 6 participants in this program.

Cost $275, includes camping but not food.  Students are expected to bring their own food and organize group purchase of additional supplies as needed.

Interns are expected to camp out, feed themselves, bring tools and work clothese, and be prepared to do forest tending in all weather. See the Social Forestry course description for a peek into what may happen during the internship week. We hope to convene a compatible community willing to work.

Our site has a shelter with with cook stove, wood stove and work space out of the rain.  There are composting toilets and rainwater tanks.  There is no cell phone reception or internet service.

Contact us for information and application for the internship.

For some clues about what you will need to bring, check out the Logistics for the Social Forestry course.

– Directions
– Checklist of what to bring


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