Siskiyou Permaculture is a collaboration of Melanie Mindlin, Karen Taylor and Hazel Ward started in 2010.  Based in Southern Oregon, we offer permaculture courses, workshops, counseling, walk-throughs and design services. Our permaculture courses are certified through the Permaculture Institute of North America. 

Hazel Ward

Hazel Ward is a long time resident of the Southern Oregon bioregion, first settling here in the early 70’s, and has been advising farms and teaching permaculture for over fifty years.

Their focus for this 21st century has been Social Forestry, restoring oak-pine savannah in Little Wolf Gulch, near Ruch, Oregon, demonstrating natural building, fuel hazard materials utilization, multiple products woods-crafting, wildlife support and desert forest water management.  Read more . . .

Karen Taylor

A transplant to Oregon from central Arizona, Karen brings with her many years of experience as a permaculture practitioner and teacher, interior designer, ecological landscape designer, rainwater harvesting and greywater consultant, group facilitator and photographer.    Karen offers counseling in permaculture site design, rainwater harvesting and greywater system design, healthy home interior design, natural building and group facilitation. 


Melanie Mindlin

Melanie is the registrar and primary contact person for Siskiyou Permaculture.  She is currently focusing on bringing ecological forestry to the region throuh nonprofit partnerships. She offers counseling and instruction in permaculture home and site design, sustainable land use planning, green building, group process and community organizing, as well as design services.  Melanie’s ambition is to move to or build an ecovillage in the Pacific NW.  Read more . . .


Optical Surveying for Earthworks and Water
Oct. 21-26, Wolf Gulch

Annual Storytelling: Tending The Land as People of Place
Dec. 2

Winter Camp Forestry Internship
Dec 2-12, Wolf Gulch

Social Forestry
Jan 20-25, 2024