Winter/Spring 2022, Ashland Oregon
Weekend PDC, Dates TBA

This PDC is held over 6 weekends.  This is the permaculture certificate course offered around the world with lots of local flavor included.  This course is taught by Hazel, Karen Taylor and Melanie Mindlin plus special guests.  Full Course Description.

Course Price for 2021 is $800. Early registration $700.

October 16-21 2021
Advanced permaculture course
Wolf Gulch Farm, little Applegate

Basic surveying and layout are essential skillsets for every farmer, homesteader, designer and consultant.  In this 6 day course, Hazel teaches the use of analog (non-battery operated) surveying tools, along with advanced skills in keyline, pond and swale layout, mapping and other core knowledge necessary for design and execution of permaculture projects.  Full Course Description.

Course Price: $700, includes camping, bring your own food. Early registration $600 until Sept. 16th.

Winter 2022, dates TBA
Wolf Gulch Farm, little Applegate

Social Forestry connects villages and communities to their forested water catchment basin. Here in a developed industrial empire, the forests are lonely. We have lost our sense of living with forests as friends. We will explore reconnecting with forests through ecological knowledge, the use of hand tools and woodscrafts, seasonal festivals and work cycles, childrens’ stories, pilgrimages and stewardship covenants. We will learn ecological assessment, carbon sequestration methods, restoration forestry and the crafts and products that can be enjoyed while we are re-establishing our heart space and wonder in the woods.   Full Course Description.

Course Price: $700, includes camping, bring your own food. Early registration $600. This course has sold out for the last few years, so register early.

Internship Program, by Application only
Wolf Gulch Farm, little Applegate

In this experiential work opportunity, you will join Hazel at their homestead and social forestry experimental station for 9 days of forestry and natural building using hand tools. 4-6 hour work days will be ocmbined with discussions and group food preparation and camp maintenance.  Full Internship Description.

Cost $200, includes camping. Students bring their own food.  Contact us for more information or application.

Intermediate Permaculture Workshop

Gain confidence in your design skills with this workshop focused on permaculture site assessment and conceptual design for a site that includes many components of permaculture such as forestry, farming, water catchment and/or community involvement.  This 3-4 day workshop is offered at the intermediate level.  Full Course Description.



This botany course is a 6-day field intensive designed to be an esential part of training for stewards of earth repair, practitioners of Social Forestry or simply an opportunity to delve into the world of plants.  We will look at plants within their ecological and ethnobotanical contexts, exploring the eco-tones of our laboratory: the Little Applegate valley within the bio-region of the Siskiyous. Through storytelling, drawing, plant walks, discussion and botanical survey, we will hone our observation skills, gain fluency in identifying plants, use plan family key recognition chracteristics and build aptitude with analog plant identification resources.  In this field immersion, we will experience coming into relationship with the plant workd with all our senses.  Full Course Description.



If you or your organization are curious about permaculture, but are not ready or able to take the whole Permaculture Design Course, we can offer an introduction tailored to your region or organization.  An introduction can be anything from 2 hours to 2 days.  More information about the Introduction to Permaculture.