GREENWARD HO! Herbal Home Rememdies: An Ecological Approach to Sustainable Health

By Tom Ward
Editors: Gwion Derw and Kate Festinger
Illustrators: Antonia Blum and Okota James
Moby Press, then self-published, paperback, 250 pages

Due to the wonders of on-demand technology, we now have Tom’s book available as a fully bound paperback. The book starts with a clear and engaging explanation of ecological principles and permaculture concepts related to finding medicinal plants in the wild. Wildcrafting techniques and etiquette, traditions and ethics are explored, followed by recipes and techniques for processing herbs and their uses for promoting health.

First self-published in 1990, this is the 5th edition. Information about herbal medicine has advanced a great deal since 1990 and we advise consulting other manuals for the latest information. Do not use this book as a replacement for medical information and advice.

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