PINA is a professional association of regional hubs working across North America to elevate the status and impact of permaculture, promote pathways to professional development and bring permaculture solutions to bear on the challenges of social justice, land regeneration and climate cooling.  As a PINA diplomate, Hazel provides the PINA certification to courses taught by Siskiyou Permaculture.

We are partnered with PINA on the Fire Ecology Regeneration Project, a 3 year project to research and train people in ecological forestry centered around biochar which returns treated areas to a human-managed fire regime.

CWERC connects the local community with their woodland ecosystem, creating a culture of care for the place that we live. CWERC engages adults and youth in activities which engender their sense of stewardship and provide hard skills necessary for broadscale woodland restoration through fuel hazard reduction and rehydration.

Fire Ecology Network supports education and promotes ecologically sound practices in fire ecosystems.  Our goals are to learn, practice, and normalize fire management techniques and restore land in fire ecologies to its natural human influenced fire regime.


Optical Surveying for Earthworks and Water
Oct. 21-26, Wolf Gulch

Annual Storytelling: Tending The Land as People of Place
Dec. 2

Winter Camp Forestry Internship
Dec 2-12, Wolf Gulch

Social Forestry
Jan 20-25, 2024