2 day workshop with Jon Carlson and Melanie Mindlin
Foots Creek Rd., Gold Hill

$100-150, sliding scale, includes camping

If we need to cancel the event due to Smoke, fire, Covid or other conditions, you will get a full refund. 

Reanimate Acorn Culture

Join Jon Carlson and Melanie Mindlin for a weekend exploring balanoculture (oak trees and acorn use by humans). We will share stories and information on the history of oaks and acorn use, acorn nutrition and recipes. Together we willgather, sort, shell and grind fresh and dried acorns. After setting these up for leaching, we will use previously processed acorns for milling and cooking, taking you through the whole process of acorn use, including cooking and sharing recipes.

We believe that acorns present an essential opportunity for food security in these transitional times, and that everyone should become familiar with their use and benefits. We will invite everyone to share their acorn experiences. There will be time to share songs, stories and ponderings about what it means to live in our rapidly changing circumstances.

The workshop will be at Jon Carlson’s home on Foots Creek Road, near Gold Hill, about 45 minutes from Ashland. Everyone is invited to stay overnight, and we plan to have a small, safe fire circle. There are places to camp, as well as accommadations available. 

You will need to bring your own food. This means a bag lunch for both days, a potluck dish for Saturday evening, and food for breakfast if you are staying the night. There will be an outdoor kitchen.

We will be primarily outdoors, and you do not need to be vaccinated. We may ask folks to  mask when indoors and close together depending on conditions. 

Melanie Mindlin is a partner in Siskiyou Permaculture, which teaches permaculture and offers design services. She teaches regularly on permaculture gardening, solar design, and a wide range of invisible structures. Melanie has gathered and processed many acorns over the last few years, read a lot of material on the subject, and done culinary experiments. She has also been mentored by Hazel in matters concerning the White Oak and its many implications.

Jon Carlson was the founder and director of the Vitalist School of Herbology, 2004 – present. He served as adjunct faculty at Prescott College, as well as teaching for the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, Ashland Charter High School, the North Mountain Nature Center, Siskiyou Permaculture, Herb Pharm Internship Program, the Hawthorne Institute, and the Grace of the Moon Fertility Awareness Teachers Program. Jon resides near Rogue River where he homesteads, prepares and eats wild foods, makes medicines, writes, researches, and practices permaculture.

Sliding Scale


Book Signing Takelma
Sunday, May 28, 4 – 7 pm
9044 Takilma Rd.

Village Building Convergence
Live in Portland with Hazel on Zoom
June 12, time and links TBA

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