Scholarship Fund

We at Siskiyou Permaculture have consciously tried to keep the cost of our courses affordable, but with rising gas prices and inflation, we acknowledge that the price may still be out of reach for some. This year we have created a Scholarship Fund so we can offer more ways for folks to afford our classes, especially low income people of color. We have qualified folks now waiting for scholarships for the Social Forestry Course.

As Siskiyou Permaculture is an LLC, rather than a nonprofit, we are unable to give you a tax deduction for your donation. Sorry.

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Optical Surveying for Earthworks and Water
Oct. 21-26, Wolf Gulch

Annual Storytelling: Tending The Land as People of Place
Dec. 2

Winter Camp Forestry Internship
Dec 2-12, Wolf Gulch

Social Forestry
Jan 20-25, 2024