Contact us if you are interested in offering an introduction to permaculture taught by Siskiyou Permaculture.

Introduction to Permaculture

If you or your organization are curious about permaculture, but are not ready or able to take the whole Permaculture Design Course, we can offer an introduction tailored to your region or organization.  An introduction can be anything from 2 hours to 2 days.

We do not organize the Introduction to Permaculture ourselves, but are available to teach an introductory course for a fee to be negotiated.

For example, Karen and Melanie gave a 2 hour introductory course to Ashland’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) on Zoom.  This event discussed how we can frame emergency response in the context of building resilience, and surveyed some of the solutions which permaculture brings to sheltering in place or refugee camps, food security, and backup infrastructure systems.

In another example, Hazel and Melanie gave a one day Introduction to Permaculture for 25 students at a local community center in Eastern California. At this course we engaged with the participants in exploring permaculture ideas for their region. We think this is a fabulous offering for isolated communities who would like to bring teachers to their locale, focus on their own eco-region and bring together their community.

Drawing on scientific and indigenous knowledge, permaculture strives to design a new culture that can persist on planet earth in balance with nature and regenerate our ecosystems. This land use and community building movement focuses on designing ecological human habitats and food production systems that provide for human needs while regenerating local ecosystems.

Permaculture topics include homestead and community design, appropriate technology, water, soils, closing waste and resource loops, ecological relationships, forestry, natural building, food growing and building new culture. We may cover permaculture principles and ethics, design methodologies, exemplary books, and the state of the world from a permaculture perspective.


Siskiyou Permaculture has no events scheduled yet for the rest of 2024.

Some great permaculture courses and events can be found at the website of the Permaculture Institute of North America Calendar.

To stay in touch with regional activities, you could join the Siskiyou Permaculture Resources Group. Contact us for more information.