Craeft, Basin and Range

Annual Storytelling

2 hour talk online from Ashland, Oregon

Saturday, December 3, 2022
7:00 – 9:00 pm

Sliding scale $5 – $50
Nobody turned away

After submitting the manuscript of the up coming book, Social Forestry; Tending the Land as People of Place, to Synergetics Press, Hazel has still kept reading and thinking.  Alexander Langlands’ book Craeft, Christi Harris’ The Mouse Woman Trilogy, and David Epstein’s Range, will be the foundational texts for a multi-dimensional exploration of all the stacked basins that we live in. The drainage basin where water runs and sits, the fiber basin where our cultural materials grow, the story basin where we remember the missing lessons and the knowledge basins where we try to understand our Place are all stacked up.  We live intersectional lives within intersectional influences and realities.  

Let us recognize and live the light and love of diversity and perspective.  Are you ready for a tangled fluffy quilt to snuggle in as the dark of the Winter Solstice approaches?  Come on into the salon.

Peace on Earth and Plenty Rain! 

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